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6th July 2008 Charles J. Brown
11:01 pm

The Passion of The Condi

I remain befuddled by the mainstream media’s fascination with Condoleezza Rice. Granted, she’s beautiful, smart, glamorous, and often quite witty. But she’s also a war criminal.

I just don’t get it. I guess it doesn’t matter if you condone torture and wage aggressive war as long as you look fabulous doing it. So from now on, in the spirit of The Donald, I hereby rename our illustrious Secretary of State The Condi. Like Paris, Madonna, Lindsey, and Britney, she really only needs one name.

In fact, The Condi is so big, she apparently can repeatedly rub her new passion in the face of her deeply serious non-game playing boss. Yes, more on her golf game, this time from an interview with Mike Ritz of the Golf Channel:

QUESTION: What do you like most about it? What got you?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, there are a couple of things. I really like the fact that that one little ball, you should be able to hit it the same way every time, and you never can. So it’s a challenge. Golf is a constant challenge. Every shot is a challenge, mentally, physically, but also I like being out in these beautiful places and beautiful surroundings.

QUESTION: It can be the greatest stress reliever. It also causes stress. You’ve got to make sure you handle it the proper way.

SECRETARY RICE: That’s right. Well, in my life, just to be out and walking around, and sometimes when I come off a long trip I’ll actually go out and hit a few balls just to get (inaudible).

QUESTION: Now, I’m not very diplomatic. So I’ll just ask you this straight out. What’s your best round and what’s your handicap?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, my best round, unfortunately, was pretty early on. I had an 89. It was just one of those days when I couldn’t do anything wrong. I maybe didn’t know what I was doing. But I just got my handicap and I’m told I’m about a 21 — 21, 24, and I’m looking to bringing that down over the next several years.

QUESTION: Well, I imagine you’ll have a little bit more time to play golf next year.

SECRETARY RICE: I sure hope so. Right.

Well Madam Secretary, I certainly hope you have lots of time to play golf next year — in fact, feel free to take time now — it’s not like there’s anything important on your plate. Just be aware, however, that the need for stress relief may not abate once you’re out of office — I get a feeling you might be hearing from Judge Baltasar Garzon of Spain about your role in the Administration’s war crimes….

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