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11th July 2008 Charles J. Brown
12:38 pm

Your Own Personal Jesus (Buddha)(Marx)(Whatever)

Nate Silver over at 538.com has a terriffic and fun post in which he lists all the recent presidents and presidential candidates to which Barack Obama has been compared.  But why stop there?  I went to The Googles for a few minutes and this is what I found.

Let’s look at earlier Presidents, for example.  I started with two of the great ones — so great they have been immortalized in the Washington Nationals’ President Races.  Obama is the new…

Abraham Lincoln

Teddy Roosevelt

But let’s not limit ourselves to those parodied with life-sized puppets.  Obama is also the new…

Franklin Roosevelt

Okay, you get the idea.  Here are The Google’s search results for Obama and other Presidents (three regarded as great, and one, well, not-so-much).  Not every link is of the “Obama is the next…” variety, but there’s at least one in every search:

I couldn’t find anything for James Buchanan, Millard Fillmore or Franklin Pierce, but I’m guessing that at this point, Obama has been compared to at least 50 percent of American presidents.  I would encourage someone else to do the research here.

But why stop at the prezzies?  Some on the right, as I noted in my post on Bush, the Chinese and torture, love to compare the latest Democratic Presidential candidate to the worst people in history (and to be fair, most of these guys would be on my list too).  Here are the search results for Obama and…

I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find comparisons with Chavez, Ahmedinijad, and other such worthies, but I started getting bored after the first six.

Then, of course there are the inevitable comparisons to the heroes of various popular movements, some for good, some for ill.  At least we can strike Jesse Jackson from this list:

But why stop there?  After all, for some Obama is, to paraphrase Depeche Mode, their own personal Jesus.  But it doesn’t stop at Christianity:

And to cap it all off, here is my all time favorite.  Some wingnut over at Free Republic actually compared Barack Obama to…

No I’m not making this one up — click on the link look for yourself.

Hey, I have an idea.  Barack Obama is like… wait for it…

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