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27th July 2008 Charles J. Brown
12:00 am

You Have Got to Be Kidding Me

The McCain campaign has no shame.  None at all.  This isn’t just beyond the pale, it’s political pornography.

What a lie-filled sack of hate.

Let’s count the lies, shall we?

  1. “He hadn’t been to Iraq in years.”  Notice the tense.  I guess the McCain campaign thinks people are so dumb that they won’t notice Obama JUST GOT BACK FROM IRAQ.
  2. “He voted against funding our troops.”  It is accurate to say that Obama voted against the bill cited in the ad.  But so did McCain.
  3. “And now he made time to go to the gym….”  The “gym” in question was in Afghanistan, and he didn’t work out — he shot baskets with our troops, who cheered him.  Just watch the video they play in the background.
  4. “…but canceled a visit with wounded troops.”  No, he was told by the Pentagon to stay away.
  5. “John McCain is always there for our troops.”  Except, of course, when it comes to bringing them home from Iraq.
  6. “McCain:  Country First.”  No, John McCain is putting himself first.  This is sick, nasty, filthy propaganda.  He has demonstrated that he is unworthy of the presidency.

This truly is sad.  I entered this race feeling like we had the chance to have a real debate on the issues featuring two men who historically had foresworn attack ads.  And now we have this.  It just makes me sick.

This isn’t partisanship.  It’s fear-mongering and hateful.

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