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19th August 2008 Charles J. Brown
06:56 pm

Move On, MoveOn

I’m not a big fan of MoveOn.  I don’t disagree with them.  I just can’t stand their tactics.

For example, look at this screen shot from one of their current ads, which attacks North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole for granting tax breaks to big oil and links her Senator Grouchy McGrouchypants:

They couldn’t come up with a better graphic than this?

This isn’t just bad design, it’s lame.  Do they seriously think that this kind of stuff is going to work?  In North Carolina?

I know the Presidential race is close there, and that Obama has an outside chance, but if he wins, it’s more likely to be a vote against Bush than a vote for him or against McCain.  All this does is tell people that Elizabeth Dole is linked to John McCain.  The facts about their support for Big Oil get lost in the silly imagery.

To make matters worse, MoveOn is radioactive in North Carolina after the “General Betray-us” ad.  When I was down there canvassing, several folks mentioned that ad as an argument against voting Democratic.  Chances are that those voters wouldn’t support a Democrat in any case, but given recent reports about active military strongly supporting Obama, and given the fact that North Carolina has a large military (and retired military) population, you’d think MoveOn might not want to do anything to hurt Obama’s chances.

Like run ads with their name on it.

Full ad after the jump.

Hat tip:  TNR’s The Plank

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