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28th August 2008 Charles J. Brown
12:45 pm

Yesterday’s Best Speech

If you missed it — and if you were watching the twitworks or the cabletubes, you probably did — John Kerry gave the best speech last night.  Better than Bill Clinton and even better than Joe Biden.  And of course, because it was John Kerry, nonoe of the networks covered it — instead they switched to their usual gang of idiots so that we could learn just how wonderful Bill’s speech was.

Kudos to TPM for grabbing it off C-Span and putting it on YouTube.  As Josh Marshall says, “do yourself a favor and set aside 13:13 to watch it.”

It’s too bad that Kerry never gave this speech four years ago — it may have been a game-changer.

Well, maybe not.  But it’s pretty amazing nonetheless.

Hat tip:  Josh Marshall

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