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2nd September 2008 Charles J. Brown
09:45 am

The Real Palin Problem

I got the following email last night from a volunteer organizer in the Obama campaign.  The organizer has given me permission to reprint it.

Since [the Palin announcement], battleground states’ group listservs have been flooded with. . .Palin messages.  We have to go through hundreds [of them] to get to an [email dealing with] organizing, voter registration, or policy. . . .

Hardcore volunteers will [wade through all the Palin emails], but new volunteers, who are just now able to participate. . .are either turned off or so frustrated they unsubscribe right when we need them the most.  We have until approximately October 6 to register [everyone]; time is short, and we want to encourage volunteers to share local news, voter registration ideas, results, questions, etc. to motivate each other.

Let us at least try to keep these vital lifelines clear.

If this is true beyond this activist’s base, then McCain’s choice of Palin has had an impact on the Obama campaign’s grassroots organizing.  Obama supporters have focused so much on Palin that they’ve forgotten about getting Obama elected.  With every blog post, every email, every moment spent reading all this nonsense, they’re playing right into the hands of Republicans.

Every day these stories dominate the news cycle is a day that Obama’s message isn’t getting out there.

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  1. 1 On September 2nd, 2008, Midwest McGarry said:

    I agree, Charlie. The Palin story now has strong legs, a life of its own, and needs no more push from the progoshere. The MSM is hot on the trail (but probably would not be without the push).

    Obama’s people need to pull their heads up from this and focus once again on the prize. The polls are moving their way again… so they need to lock in those gains.

  2. 2 On September 2nd, 2008, Ross Hammersley said:

    Ditto. And you’ll be sure to appreciate this article lamenting the “hail-mary” label given to the choice of Palin, when, as you indicate above, the more appropriate term is probably the “fumblerooski”:

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