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7th September 2008 Charles J. Brown
12:27 pm

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Here’s who appeared on this morning’s news shows:

ABC’s “This Week” — Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

CBS’ “Face the Nation” — Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

NBC’s “Meet the Press” — Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In case you’re wondering, she wasn’t on Fox or CNN either.

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  1. 1 On September 7th, 2008, citizen spot said:

    According the the SF chronicle, she will be granting an interview (taking pre-determined softball questions) with ABC sometime next week, from Alaska.

  2. 2 On September 17th, 2008, amy bush said:

    i read, briefly, that mccain wasn’t appearing anywhere without palin by his side. I read someone who interpreted it as a way of keeping the palin bump going — her charm balancing his woodenness (or something like that). Actually, I believed at the time and still believe that they’re terrified of her, after the first interview having bombed so badly, and he wasn’t going to let her out of his sight. heaven knows what they’re thinking now. she’s probably been instructed to stick to the 80s-style soundbite and skirt around the current reality-TV-style questions. kind of makes you think of perot’s running mate, whats-his-name, when he answered the abortion question with something to the effect “it’s her body, it’s her business …” etc etc etc. if i remember correctly, perot couldn’t ditch him fast enough.

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